Accueil / Helicopter / Fly with friends or family

Fly with friends or family

Take a seat with your family or friends for a thrilling overflight of the Loire Valley and its Châteaux

On board your private helicopter, with a capacity of 4 or 6 passenger seats, you’ll discover Châteaux including Chambord, Amboise, Villandry and Chenonceau,. depending on your chosen formula.

20-minute private flight: Villandry panoramic flight

Board a6-passenger seat helicopter and discover the magnificent Villandry Gardensand the Loire Valley’s heritage Château de la Donneterie, Château de Poillé, the Loire, the Cher, Château de Luynes, Gallo-Roman Aqueduct, Château des Ligneries, Château de la Mulonnière, and Château de la Haute Barde

Jardins de villandry en hélicoptère

30-minute private flight: Amboise panoramic flight

Take to the skies aboard your private helicopter for 4 or 6 passengers and fly over Leonardo da Vinci's last home and many other remarkable sites:
Château de la Haute Barde, Grange de Meslay, Château de Jallanges, Vouvray vineyards, Château de Noizay, Chanteloup Pagoda, Clos Lucé, Château d'Amboise, Valmer Gardens, and Château de Beaumont-la-Ronce.

45-minute panoramic flight: Chenonceau panoramic flight

The "Château des Dames” is a waking dream, with its unusual design spanning the Cher.
During your 45-minute flight, you’ll fly over Château de Chenonceau, Château d'Amboiseand manyother privately-owned sites: Château de Luynes, St Cosme Priory, across Tours (depending on traffic), Chateau de Bourdaisière, the Chanteloup Pagoda, Cos Lucé, and the Valmer Gardens

Vue aérienne Château de Chenonceau
Photo de Chenonceau

60-minute private flight: Chambord panoramic flight

A real must-do: An hour of discovery and pleasure aboard your private helicopter.
The most beautiful Châteaux parade before your eyes during your tour:
Chateau de Chambord, Chateau de Chenonceau, Chateau de Blois, Chateau d'Amboise, and Chateau de Chaumont

Vue aérienne du château de Chambord

Privatif 15 minutes : Tours - Amboise

Décollez au plus proche de Tours et survolez : le Château de Noizay, château d'Amboise, le Château du Clos Lucé, le château de Moncontour ainsi que d'autres superbes sites et paysages du Val de Loire : les vignobles de Vouvray, la Loire...

Privatif 20 minutes : Tours - Villandry

Au départ de l'aéroport de Tours, envolez-vous au dessus de la ville de Tours, le château de Luynes, la Loire, le chateau de Villandry, le Cher, les vignobles de Vouvray et d'autres demeures et domaines qui font la richesse de notre belle région.

Privatif 25 minutes : Tours - Chenonceau

Survolez notre belle région en partant de son coeur : Tours. Vous découvrirez : le panorama de Tours, le château de Moncontour, château de la Bourdaisière, château de Chenonceau, château d'Amboise, le château du Clos Lucé, château de Noizay, et les vignobles de Vouvray.

Privatif 50 minutes : Tours - Chambord

Si vous voulez voir les incontournables Châteaux de la Loire depuis le ciel, embarquez dans un de nos appareils, vous apprecevrez alors : le Château de Noizay, château d'Amboise, le Château du Clos Lucé, le château de Chaumont, château de Blois, château de Menars, château de Chambord, château de Cheverny, château de Chenonceau, château de la Bourdaisière, château de Moncontour et le patrimoine du Val de Loire : Troussay, Fougères, Pontlevoy, les vignobles de Vouvray...

Experience quality time with your loved ones byprivatizing your helicopter and:

- Select your type of aircraft (4 or 6 seats):

-Choose your flight date (flights available all year round)

- Enjoy a privileged welcome and a longer flight time (depending on tour)

- At the end of the flight, enjoy a glass of champagne (option €20 a half bottle or €40 a bottle)

Do you want a customized flight? Ccontact us

- The flight departs from the'heliport in Neuvy-le-Roi north of Tours

- Number of passengers on board: 4 to 6 people

- Public: Flight accessible to everybody , child from 4 years old

- Check-in is required 20 minutes prior to the flight time specified on your confirmation

- You will be given a pre-flight safety briefing

  • Payment terms:
    Full payment is requested at the time of order (by credit card or holiday vouchers)
    You can pay in 2 instalments at no extra charge, by credit card via our secure platform
  • Deferral and cancellation option:
    You can subscribe to acancellation option when ordering or booking a date, enabling you to postpone your flight or be reimbursed in case of definitive cancellation on your part (see terms and conditions)

Book your flight: two possible options

  1. Ticket valid for 1 year(gift box by mail or open ticket by email)

  2. Choose a flight date when ordering online, in accordance with the proposed schedule . Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are no available dates matching your wishes 0247248144