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Hot-air balloon

The smoothness of a flight borne on the wind: a must-do in the Loire Valley region!

Experience the adventure of a flight borne on the wind over the Loire Châteaux and their natural surroundings.

Choose your departure point (Loire Châteaux, Sarthe or your home) and your option (shared or exclusive flight) and fly away on a hot-air balloon ride to discover magnificent landscapes!

A maiden hot-air balloon flight is also an opportunity to get your employees together and strengthen team cohesion in unique fashion

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1/ Tours in free and tethered balloons: the difference?

Free flight is the kind generally offered by hot-air balloon companies. Flights in free balloons are made at the whim of the wind. Flight time is approximately an hour.

Captive hot-air balloons are tethered and make ascents lasting 5 to 10 minutes. Tethered balloons are usually used during corporate events to communicate on the balloon’s envelope and please guests by gifting them their maiden flights.

2/ How do you steer a hot-air balloon?

Hot-air ballooning is flying where the wind takes you. During the flight, the pilot plays with the winds to try to steer the balloon.

The aerostation is chosen according to wind direction, near a Loire Valley Château (Château de Chenonceau, d’Amboise or Château du Lude) in order to maximize the chances of flying over the Loire Valley’s heritage sites.

3/ The Hot-air Balloon: how does it work?

Before the flight, you’ll witness the balloon envelope’s inflation, a magical experience!

It’s inflated using blowers. The air is heated by the balloon's burners.

In order to get off the ground and stay in the air, heating is regular.

Warm air is lighter than cold air.

To ensure a smooth landing, the balloonist gradually reduces the heat

4/ The balloon trip: the different stages ?

Hot-air balloon flights are always scheduled at sunrise or sunset, when the weather conditions are at their most favourable.

After a safety briefing, passengers help inflate the balloon, a breathtaking moment when the envelope takes shape.

You then board the gondola and enjoy an unforgettable experience during a wind-borne ascent lasting about an hour.

After take-off, during the sightseeing flight, you'll discover our beautiful region’s breathtaking scenery, and perhaps be lucky enough to brush the treetops and spot some game.

After landing, our crewman will join you to help fold up the balloon. Then comes the famous "balloonist’s jar”, a convivial get-together with everyone sharing their emotions around a glass of champagne.

Then back to the departure point by 4-wheel drive

5/ Air Touraine, a certified airline company?

Our company has been approved as a public passenger transport company by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for the last 40 years.

6/ Hot-air Balloon Trips: Weather conditions?

Flights are generally made from April to October, in the warmer months. However, our team is available all year round if you wish to fly outside this period.

Weather conditions must be favourable in order to fly safely: calm, gentle wind, no rain, extreme heat or threatening weather.

Rendezvous are arranged early in the morning, at sunrise, or late in the evening, at the calmest time of day.

In the event of bad weather, you will be notified, half a day before your flight and you can schedule a new reservation.

7/ The maiden hot-air balloon flight: a gift idea?

Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother's Day, Father's Day, all occasions are right if you want to make your gift a hot-air balloon flight. The gift voucher is valid for 18 months.