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Pilot a hot-air balloon!

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Your first steps as a balloonist! Learn all this superb machine’s secrets: flight preparation of the flight and the necessary weather conditions, inflating the envelope, the role played by the retrouveur, the balloon’s ascent, technical instruments, in-flight maintenance, choice of landing zone, and deflation and folding up of the balloon . Your pilot-instructor will let you take over the controls for a 20- to 30-minute flight, and your dream will finally come true! Here you are, up in the air, aboard your gondola borne by the wind, sensations guaranteed! Fixed-date service, 2 or 3 students per session.
Air Touraine is a civil aviation authority-certified airline that has been operating in the Loire Valley since 1978. Our school, Air Touraine Academy, is staffed by flight professionals and delivers qualifying training courses enabling you to pilot your own private plane! Our ballooning school is run by an instructor approved by the French Aerostation Federation and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. You will be trained in compliance with the official programme in a region rich in heritage: The Loire Valley. Obtainment of the hot-air balloon pilot’s licence is based on theoretical knowledge and technical tests. For more information about the school, "" contact us.
The Montgolfier brothers, French industrialists, invented the hot-air balloon. The maiden flight took place in 1783 in Versailles, the French were finally able to their dreams come true: Flying! At that time, aerostats were ovoid. Modern hot-air balloons have three main components: the envelope, the burner connected to the fuel tanks (liquid propane) and the gondola.
We’ll meet you at the heliport in Neuvy-le-Roi, 25 minutes north of Tours. Accompanying persons are not allowed in the gondola. Children from 16 years old (initiation, with parental authorization). To book your session, please contact us at 0247248144.
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