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saut en parachute

Tandem skydiving

Flight duration approximately 20 min
Duration of service : approximately half a day

Flights Mai à Septembre, le vendredi après-midi à date fixe

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Thrill-seekers, parachute out of a helicopter!

Rendezvous with your instructor at our base in the north of Tours.

During the briefing, he will explain the different steps in your jump, the safety rules to follow, and the right positions to adopt.

You will then board your helicopter with your equipment, to be carried up 3000 metres for a 30-second or so freefall at 200 kph.

Once the canopy is opened, the descent takes about 5 minutes, enough time to admire the scenery beneath you.

Air Touraine has a fleet of 5 Bell 206 Jet or Long Ranger helicopters, with capacities of 4 or 6 passenger seats.

These American-made single-engine helicopters are often used for passenger transport and training. The Bell 206 is highly versatile and reliable.

Practical Information

The jump is made from the heliport in Neuvy-le-Roi north of Tours

- Accompanying person on board not allowed

-Children from 16 years old (with parental authorisation)

-casual clothing (jeans, sneakers, sweatshirt) is preferred.



Since the jump is very much dependent on weather conditions, you should plan to devote a half day or day to it, as the schedule provided is only indicative.

The tandem pilot in charge of your jump may decide to postpone or cancel it for safety reasons at any time.


Don't come on an empty stomach but eat lightly, and don't consume alcohol or any illicit substances.

The jumper must be in good physical shape, not have had a recent accident, not be on any medical treatment, and not suffer from lower limb, spinal, heart, ENT, fainting or epilepsy problems. On the day of the jump, not have been scuba diving for 24 hours.

If you have any doubts or medical history, it is advisable to have a medical check-up to make sure that a tandem jump is feasible. Like any other activity, Tandem skydiving can involve physical risks. Although not mandatory, a medical check-up is recommended.


Open ticket valid for one year, contact us at 0247248144 or to set your jump date.

Activity only possible on weekdays


  • Payment terms:
    Full payment is requested at the time of order (by credit card or holiday vouchers)
    You can pay in 2 instalments at no extra charge, by credit card via our secure platform
  • Extended Validity Option:
    If you would like to extend the validity of your ticket, choose the extension option and get an additional year in which to make your flight
  • Deferral and cancellation option:
    You can subscribe to acancellation option when ordering or booking a date, enabling you to postpone your flight or be reimbursed in case of definitive cancellation on your part (see terms and conditions)
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