Maiden flights

For a first getaway in the air!

An unforgettable experience by helicopter or hot-air balloon!

Fly away at 200 kph in a helicopter or let the wind bear you away aboard your hot-air balloon at attractive rates!

Maiden flights are available as gift boxes

1/ How many passengers on board the helicopter?

Your professional pilot and his assistant will board you in a 4- or 6-passenger-seat helicopter.

Our helicopters are Bell 206s

Our airline is certified by the civil aviation authority

2/ What are the weather conditions for a helicopter flight?

Only fog, strong wind or heavy rain can cause your helicopter ride to be postponed.

Flying times may vary depending on weather conditions

3/ Can we make the flight as a family?

Of course, children are accepted from the age of 3. Our helicopters have a capacity of 4 or 6 passenger seats, ideal for enjoying a magical expereince in the air with your family.

4/ Maiden helicopter flight: What are the stages of the flight?

When you book your flight on our website, you will receive a boarding pass.

This is to be presented to our hostess on the day of your maiden flight, along with your ID card

Check-in takes place 20 minutes before your flight.

After a safety briefing, you will take your seat on board.

Immediate take-off, our experienced pilot will take you on a thrill ride over breathtaking scenery

After landing, our staff will accompany you to a secure area

5/ Helicopter: Pilots’ qualifications?

You want to learn to fly and become a pilot yourself?

A profession that many dream of!

Our captains all have pilot's licenses.

They are trained at flying school by instructors. To acquire a pilot's license, a pilot must successfully complete the theoretical and practical training programme.

Young licensed pilots who join us add to their flight hours during missions supervised by our instructor pilot.

Once they have acquired a certain number of solo flight hours, young pilots are "released" and become captains in public passenger transport.

Do you want to take the controls? Our school delivers dual-control piloting courses, try the experience!

6/ Are helicopter flights available in a gift boxes?

Yes, our gift boxes are valid for 18 months. Give the gift of excitement!



1/ Maiden flight in a hot-air balloon: physical conditions?

The activity requires good physical condition. You must be able to step into the gondola from a height of 1m10 and stand upright throughout the flight.

Flights are not recommended for pregnant women and people with lower-limb prostheses.

Children are accepted from 6 years old, as long as they are over 1m25 tall.

2/ Do I risk getting dizzy and airsick aboard a balloon?

On board, you don't feel vertigo because you are not connected to the ground. The flight is very smooth, it’s the wind that carries the gondola.

3/ How much is a maiden flight in a hot-air balloon?

Maiden hot-air balloon flights are attractively priced because the flight takes place during the week, from Monday to Friday, departing from our heliport near Tours.

The balloon tour is available as a gift box, valid for 18 months at a price of €150/person

4/ Hot-air balloon tour: organization of the flight?

Flights are made at sunrise or sunset, the most favourable time. Your hot-air balloon flight will be confirmed the day before your flight depending on weather conditions, so as to ensure the flight is made in complete safety. So your flight may be rescheduled several times.

The balloonist and his crew member will meet you near the take-off site.

After the safety briefing, you’ll watch as the balloon is inflated.

Then you’ll board the gondola for an open-air flight at the whim of the wind, discovering breathtaking landscapes and the surrounding nature. Thrills guaranteed!

After landing, you’ll help fold up the envelope before enjoying a balloonist's glass of Champagne.

Then return to the meeting point by 4-wheel drive